The best smile without compromise

TrioClear™ is an innovative clear aligner, designed to make a lasting difference in your patient’s smile.
Our aligners stay in place with minimal attachments and TrioDim Force™ technology for improved tooth movement control. Predicted alignment and motion can be accurately visualised using our clinical simulation
software. Our treatment plans put the safety of the patient first, ensuring safe movements for light to moderate cases and our splints are made of almost invisible medical-grade material that is CE marked and BPA-free.


The MDP Group is proud to offer dentists and customers a superior product ensuring superior results all thanks to the TrioClear™ difference.

Unlike some other retainers, TrioClear™ are completely custom made to fit your teeth and with two steps of soft and hard thickness, you’ll barely feel a thing during the first stages of movement – or ever.

All TrioClear™ teeth aligners have been created with sustainability in mind, and for every complete case of TrioClear™ aligners, we will plant ten native trees and shrubs in degraded land to restore natural habitat in Australasia. All customers are provided with a certificate of where your trees are being planted at the completion of treatment.