The benchmark in quality dental care

A world-leading dental laboratory network

As the largest and most comprehensive network of dental laboratories in Australasia, we set the benchmark in quality dental care.

At the MDP Group, every aspect of our laboratory network has been designed to make sure your patients get the best results, every time.

Every aspect, quality results

Southern Cross Dental

As the leading full-service lab in Australia and New Zealand for 40+ years, Southern Cross Dental is here to provide you and your patients with high quality dental products and unrivalled service.

Our comprehensive range of products includes fixed and removable prosthodontics, all-ceramic restorations, implants, occlusal appliances and anti-snoring devices.


TrioClear™ clear aligners stay in place effortlessly with very few attachments, offering patients a comfortable, progressive aligner solution.

Gold & Ceramics

Gold & Ceramics has been creating Australian-made dental restorations for more than 60 years. Working collaboratively with clients using sophisticated techniques and the finest materials to achieve the best outcomes for you and your patients with superior dental products.

Precision Dental Laboratory

Providing state of the art products and customer service for New Zealand dentists and patients, Precision Dental Laboratory take pride in craftsmanship and quality. From customised crowns, to bridges or implants, Precision Dental Laboratory offer premium products at a competitive price.


Founded as a family business, Andent take pride in crafting Australian-made, quality dental products so you can give your customers the highest level of care. Andent fabricate quality restorations for dental prosthetics specialising in implant, ceramic, crown and bridge procedures, backed by knowledge and experience.


Proform are the Australian experts in thermoforming Mouthguards for a variety of requirements. Proform Mouthguards are sold exclusively through Andent in Australia, and Southern Cross Dental in New Zealand.


Equipped with the latest CAD/CAM technology, Melbourne-based Dentmill Lab is committed to innovative practice and procedure to bring clients and customers the latest offerings in digital and modern dentistry.