Each laboratory is unique

With its individual brands, the MDP Group is one of the world’s leading dental laboratory networks.

Every practice is unique. And so are the laboratories of the MDP Group and the products and services they offer. Everything about the laboratories is designed to support our customers and their patients, today and into the future.

The MDP Group and its laboratories combine technology, expertise and simplification to create a unique and superior experience for you.

Experience has a name

At Andent, we are proud to create all our products in our local laboratories in Melbourne, Victoria. We are an Australian dental laboratory that fabricates quality restorations for dental prosthetics specialising in implant, ceramic and crown and bridge procedures..

Dedicated to providing the highest quality products in a timely manner, using the most advanced technology available, through our local state of the art facilities.

Andent is proud to certify that the materials used in its products conform to internationally recognised accreditations. Every case is accompanied with a certificate of compliance, which also guarantees a 100% Australian made product.

A passion for fine dentistry

Gold and Ceramics has been creating Australian-made dental restorations of the highest quality for over 60 years. Working collaboratively with our clients, we use sophisticated techniques and the finest materials to push the boundaries of what’s possible and get the best outcomes for patients.

Our technicians are artists and masters in their fields. Highly skilled in the fundamentals of dental technology, clinical restorative techniques, digital dentistry and material sciences, they also understand the holistic benefits that can be achieved through their work.

This pushes them to create premium pieces that stand the test of time.

Expert in Thermoforming!

Proform is an Australian company specialising in thermoforming dental products. From mouthguards and night guards to snore appliances, our extensive knowledge of dental coupled with advanced design techniques guarantees you and your patient a premium product. Every time.

Our state of the art thermoforming equipment provides a manufacturing process in which a plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature, stretched into a mold, cooled to a finished shape and trimmed to create the desired product. Providing your patient with superior fit and comfort, ensuring they wear the guard longer and use it continuously.

We are here to help.

We have been working with the dental profession in Australia for over 30 years. Our history has given us the experience and industry knowledge required to understand what you need to manage your practice in the long term: reliable, high quality products and services that help you give your patients the best possible results.

Our comprehensive range of products includes fixed and removable prosthodontics, all-ceramic restorations, implants, occlusal appliances and anti-snoring devices.

We can also look after the ongoing training and logistical needs of your practice, with education accreditation and courses, digital workflow solutions, and on-hand technical advice.

Our Craft. Our Heritage.

Precision Dental laboratory has been established for over 15 years. With locations in Auckland and Wellington and our team of experienced, highly skilled technicians we thrive to provide you with the best products and services to achieve full customer and patient satisfaction.

We provide you with a broad range of products and services from traditional crown & bridge methods to the latest CAD/ CAM technologies, always focusing on the best outcome.

Be comfortable with your choice.

TrioClear is an innovative new clear aligner solution designed to transform your service and your patients’ smile.

Offering a unique comfortable, progressive three-step solution, TrioClear aligners stay in place with few attachments.

Thanks to our clinical simulation software, TrioClear enables you to accurately predict alignment and movement in advance. It also offers world-class, fast turn-around, back end support.

Finally, but most importantly, TrioClear puts patient safety first. With safe movements designed for mild to moderate cases, and trays made of nearly invisible medical grade FDA and TGA approved materials.