The power to choose. A network of benefits unlocked for dental clinicians.

The MDP Group’s unique combination creates the largest and most comprehensive laboratory offering and digital workflow solution available in Australasia today. Each brand is all about giving our customers a superior service and experience by providing choice in whom they procure from, access to a local team, workflow options and ability to act in real-time. From the group’s smaller local laboratories to the highly tailored full service laboratories, the MDP Group deliver flexibility and choice needed to maximise business, value and support your practice while delivering real results to your patients.

The MDP Group’s values and philosophy for accomplishing excellent results for every customer are based on honesty and integrity, and are the cornerstone of every brand. The group’s clear direction and focus is to deliver every customer and their patients with the highest quality products and services when using our laboratories. This encompasses all elements of the service, including the materials used in the manufacturing processes, equipment, highly qualified and trained staff, quality control processes, internal management processes, IT systems and customer service.

Setting the benchmark. With flexibility and choice to create a superior experience.

"We look forward to providing you with the very best range of dental products and services and working with your practice towards better patient care."
- James Squirrell, CEO Modern Dental Pacific